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102 - Food: Surge Shrinkage and Boozy Foods

So this episode was probably the topic that made me want to create Rumor Flies with Josh and Greg. I'm a giant fan of food science, and it amazes me how apathetic some can be about one of the most vital parts of our life. Eating is a vital daily ritual, so one may as well be good at knowing about their meal. I even managed to contact my food science idol, Harold McGee, about his biggest peeves in cooking myths.

I had read On Food and Cooking (READ IT, BLISSFUL INFO OVERLOAD), and was interested in what the culinary warlock had to say. He kindly directed me to his follow-up book, The Curious Cook, which I was too dumb to check for. So I'll be reading that for the next of many food episodes.

On a last note, there are quite a few "powder keg" issues that I would love to address (GMO's, lab meat, antibiotics, "organic", etc.), but in the interest of levity and accessibility for all, we chose to avoid. Maybe with enough response we'll go serious and cover them in a non-official episode. Maybe. Thanks for listening!