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Rumor Flies comically addresses the origins, evolution, and veracity of your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions. Tune in for more research, stories, and unsolicited commentary! Participation encouraged.

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103 - History: Everyone is Terrible and Revere was a Quitter

Did Columbus actually land in the Americas? Where did our first president get his dentures? How many people served as kindling at Salem? Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer? Find out this week on the unusually long episode 3 of Rumor Flies!

This week's musical track/guest: "Watching the Tide" - Joshua LeBlanc

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102 - Food: Surge Shrinkage and Boozy Foods

Does alcohol actually "cook out"?  Does your "perfect steak" actually suck? What foods can have unexpected deadly consequences? What's the potentially mind-blowing truth behind Dr. Pepper? Find out what we cook up in this episode of Rumor Flies!

This week's musical track/guest: "Don't Forget you're in there" - A Living Soundtrack

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