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608 - Food: Deadly Delicatessen

102 - Food: Surge Shrinkage and Boozy Foods

Chewing gum in stomach:
A 1998 paper describes a four-year-old boy being referred with a two-year history of constipation. The boy was found to have "always swallowed his gum after chewing five to seven pieces each day", being given the gum as a reward for good behavior, and the build-up resulted in a solid mass which could not leave the body.  A 1½-year-old girl required medical attention when she swallowed her gum and four coins, which got stuck together in her esophagus. 


Wooden spoon:

Salt to boiling water:

Steak searing
On Food and Cooking (Revised Edition). cGee, Harold (2004). Page 161, "The Searing Question"

Raspberry flavoring

Cocaine Cola:

Dr. Pepper Crack:
Not true, couldn’t find a recorded mention of crack in Dr. Pepper

Surge yellow 5:
Pollock, Ellen Joan.   "Why Mountain Dew Is Now the Talk of the Teen Circuit." The Wall Street Journal.   14 October 1999

Foods that give nightmares


Honey for infants

Pork and Trichinosis: