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Rumor Flies comically addresses the origins, evolution, and veracity of your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions. Tune in for more research, stories, and unsolicited commentary! Participation encouraged.

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709 - History: Crocodile Dungdee

707 - Movies: Cursed Productions

706 - Misquotes: Choo Choo Twain

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Winston Churchill

Mark Twain

Marilyn Monroe

Albert Einstein

Ben Franklinöglichen%22&hl=en#v=onepage&q=%22die%20Politik%20ist%20die%20Lehre%20vom%20Möglichen%22&f=false

Marie Antoniette

Neil Armstrong

704 - Space: Black Holes Singin'

703 - Snapple Fact Check 3: The Checkening

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1263: The only thing that can scratch a diamond is a diamond

1375: There have been three Olympic games held in countries that no longer exist

270: Colors like red, yellow and orange make you hungry

677: a full grown tree produces enough oxygen to support a family of 4

679: A tiger’s night vision is six times better than a human’s

744: Polar bears can smell a seal from 20 miles away

819: Children grow faster in Springtime

993: powerful earthquakes can make the earth spin faster

610 - Holidays: Soccer at Verdun

609 - Disney: Ashes Suck

607 - History: I am a Generous Oscar

605 - Death: Half Ham Sandwich

604 - Weather: NOAA's Ark

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"Lightning never strikes twice"

"No two snowflakes are alike"

Heat lightning is a phenomenon

“Swamp gas” existence

Opening your windows during a tornado/green clouds mean a tornado incoming

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601 - Facebook Roundup!

510 - Remedies: The Old Fashioned Way

509 - Survival:

508 - Animals: Bad to the Bone

410 - Body: Baldy Finale

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Color of Mucous Indicates what's up

"The Triangle of Death" Pimple Popping

90% of Body Heat Leaves Through your Head

"No Fap Challenge" Results in more Testosterone.

Mother's Father Determines Baldness

407 - Gross Myths: "Dreaded" Spiders

404 - History: Taft Tub and Jumbo

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Napoleon was short.

Hitler's "Sexual Preferences"

The Pope's Fish Farm

"Taft Tub"

LBJ's MANY Character Eccentricities


402 - Forensics ft. The Mad Scientist Podcast!

308 - Animals: Elephant Bookies

307 - Aphrodisiacs: Cosmo Edition

Introductory Material

Chili Peppers


Yeah...there's really nothing. Except Cosmo. 



Natural Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Reality by Ravis K. Puri, Ph.D. Page 311

Red Wine


Natural Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Reality by Ravis K. Puri, Ph.D.


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