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Rumor Flies comically addresses the origins, evolution, and veracity of your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions. Tune in for more research, stories, and unsolicited commentary! Participation encouraged.

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705 - Animals: Insect-anity

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Are insects animals?

Bees die after stinging/venom can keep injecting after stinger separates

Ultrasonic Devices and Insects

Mosquitos and HIV Transmission

Black Widows

Grasshoppers turn into Locusts

704 - Space: Black Holes Singin'

702 - Food: Honey, I Micro-dosed the Kids

606 - Body: Concussed

604 - Weather: NOAA's Ark

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"Lightning never strikes twice"

"No two snowflakes are alike"

Heat lightning is a phenomenon

“Swamp gas” existence

Opening your windows during a tornado/green clouds mean a tornado incoming

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602 - Survival: Nuclear Myths

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Air and water polluted/toxic

Nuclear Winter

Alcohol protects from radiation poisoning

Twinkies never spoil

Cockroaches & Cher

Mutated animals

Ted Taylor lit a cigarette with a nuclear explosion

510 - Remedies: The Old Fashioned Way